Papa Johns Pizza is the third largest pizza company in the entire world. Well, you know that they had to do something right to make it to number three in very little time. Everyone knows about “Better Ingredients and Better Pizza”. They knew it a long time ago when Papa Johns’ main focus was not so much about the quantity of offerings of food that they had. No, their main focus was upon the absolute best quality of food that they can offer. In fact, it is only lately, (in the 1990s) when Papa Johns decided to offer other food and other crust options. They were one of the last hold outs because they are so concerned about food quality.

So, with such focus on quality, you know that they also have to be great marketers. It is one thing to have the best food in the world but, it is another thing when the world knows that you have the best food in the world. I will give you an example of the marketing genius behind Papa Johns Pizza.

In 2008, a Papa John franchisee in Washington, D.C. handed out t-shirts mocking Cleveland Cavalier’s star player Lebron James when the Cavs were in Washington to place the Washington Wizards. Photographs of the shirts quickly spread to Cleveland, Ohio which put a lot of heat on corporate Papa Johns. They had a problem in Ohio. Later, John turned this bad publicity to good publicity where he offered 23 cent pizzas, (23 being the number of Lebron James’ jersey), throughout Cleveland and north Ohio. Many people waited in line to get their pizzas and all this did was bring millions of dollars worth of promotion for Papa Johns. Like I said, they are geniuses in marketing.

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