Papa Johns Pizza is the third large largest pizza company in the world. They are also one of the largest expanding restaurants in the United States. Papa Johns has a killer menu that has the most popular food that you can think of. They simply have great food. I cannot entirely discuss the whole Papa Johns menu for a couple reasons. One of which is that it is loaded with a lot of great food. But, I will go over what my favorites are at Papa Johns.
One of my favorite menu sections at Papa Johns is there side dishes. They really do have a whole lot of yummy side dishes if you are not in the mood for pizza or simply want something different or in addition to what you are hungry for. There sides are great. One of my favorites is their Chicken strips. What I like about them is that they are not deep fat fried and just have spectacular flavor. They are made of all white chicken breast meat that is lightly breaded and baked until golden. They also give you choices of dipping sauces for them as well.
Another one of a group of their side dishes is their chicken wings. They make awesome chicken wings. These are something that you should definitely check out the next time you are at Papa Johns. Like the chicken strips, Papa Johns makes their chicken wings different than most restaurants. Here again, they oven bake their chicken wings and do not deep fat fry them like everyone else. You really taste the flavor of the wing rather than the oil in which it is cooked. They can come plain or they can come with sauces that will compliment their original flavor if you are in the mood for them as well.
There is one other side on the Papa Johns menu that is definitely worth giving a try as they really are great. That is their Bacon Cheese sticks. These are just fantastic. Whoever came up with this one is a genius.
Now, I want to talk about is their pizza. Sure you can get one of Papa Johns famous Specialty pizzas custom made to your order without any problem. They are all spectacular. One of my favorites is their six cheese bacon pizza. It is simply amazing to have that much cheese with the bacon flavor infused throughout. You should definitely check out that Specialty pizza or another Papa Johns specialty pizza or, you can custom make your own.
For as much as they have great pizza packages, they really need to accentuate the truth about their food and that is that they simply have better quality ingredients and toppings. They are not the typical toppings that you find at your local shop. There are no cost cutting measure here and THAT is why Papa Johns is one step ahead of everyone else. For example, their pork and their beef are 100% pure pork or pure beef. You can get away selling food as beef even though the foods are not 100% beef. That is how cheap pizza is made. With Papa Johns, you are getting the best of the best and that is why their food is so good. Enjoy Papa Johns now!