How to Scrape Search Engines Without Pissing Them Off

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It is a crucial thing to scrape search engines such as Google if you are seeking to optimize your content. It is the only way you will get what these search engines show their users. It also comes in handy in your keyword research as you will be able to track your rankings and those of your competitors. However, these search engines are not nave and will know when a SEO expert is scraping the results. They, therefore, give false results at times.

Challenges That Come with Scraping

You will find that if you try to force your scraping activities using third party tools or even bots, chances are that you will get blocked. If you ever perform a series of searches that tend to match the behaviour of SERP crawlers, engines like Google will interrupt your search with a captcha page. You have to fill out the captcha before performing another search. This purportedly blocks bots and other types of automatic scripts that try to scrape lots of pages at once.

Staying on the Right Track

As far as search engines are aware that SEO experts scrape their pages, they will not block them all at once. The ‘block/don’t block decision equation’ must stay balanced at all times. Therefore, it is your responsibility to remain on the safe side. It highly dwells on the potential server load created by the scraper, the potential server load in blocking the scraper and the query space for the search phrase. The safe side of this situation is to make sure that your scrapping activities are unobtrusive. This will ensure that even if you are identified, it will not be worth to block you.

Tips in scraping

One of the things that SEO go wrong is to try and forcefully scrap the search engines. You should do it slowly if at all you do not want to be blocked in a few seconds. Try and ensure that there are one-minute pauses on your scripts during the querying process. You should also try and randomize your queries.

Another tip would be to use several browsers at random. This will tend to mask of your activities in the sense that it will take some time before search engines detect and block you.



Following these keyword research guide lines will ensure that you become a disciplined scraper. Search engines will notice you but will tend to ignore you as you bite and soothe.


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